Meet Aditya

Theta Healer, Subconscious Mind Expert and Counselor

Jack Canfield Certified Trainer

Public Speaker

I am a Divinely blessed by the Almighty with different Services available to offer. All my offerings are from my Passion and Interest.

I help people overcome their Personal and Professional life Challenges and grow their Life Multifold.

Ups and Downs are part of our life and we have to go through them. But the way we tackle our Downturn life will determine how our next Upturn life will be.


My Big Journey

My Big World

My Big Life Journey started when I learned the Magnificent Powers of Subconscious Mind. I learned a lot of tools of how to use the Powers of My Subconscious Mind effectively and ensure achieve lot more success using them.

I applied the tools and techniques in my life and I saw my life changing magically.

I manifested great relationships, great Job Profile, Highly Successful Business and many other Personal and Professional Goals.

From my childhood, I have been in a Joint Family with more than 8 Members in my Family. I always loved in staying in Joint Family.

Even today, I am staying with my Parents, Sibling, My Loving Wife and my 2 Adorable Kids.

I love visiting religious places and try to do as many rituals as I can. I have imbibed and follows many values at my Organization level. To name a few they are - Honesty, Love, Serving Nature

When I saw it working for any and every part of my life, I decided to spread this knowledge across.

Hence, I took Certification from one of leading Subconscious Mind Expert Mr. Sunil Parekh from Mumbai, India. And then to further enhance my skills, I successfully completed The Train The Trainer Online Workshop of Mr. Jack Canfield, USA's Leading Business Coach and Author of Book - Chicken Soup for the Soul - New York Times Best Selling Book.

After I saw success coming one after another, I was looking for something which can further quicken the results which my clients were desiring. While searching for this, I came across a Beautiful Energy Healing Technique called Theta Healing.

And I successfully completed 2 Levels of Theta Healing Practitioner.

Today, I am so grateful to announce that I have touched the lives of more than 12,000+ people across in some or the other way i.e. through Subconscious Mind Workshops, Consulting, Theta Healing or Public Speaking.

I am committed to serve my clients in as many ways as I can and I want to see results in their lives. And I am proud to say that I am seeing lots and lots of Successes in people I am serving.


My Education and Experience

What I Love and what not

Working in Corporate since 2006. Have helped 100s of people there. Have climbed the Corporate ladder better than my expectations.

Completed my BMS Graduation from Jaihind College.

Aspired to do MBA and CFA but left it in between.

Started learning more on Subconscious Mind and Theta Healing and found my Passion of helping people to overcome their challanges.

I love my Family.

I love travelling.

I do not love reading... I know this is not beneficial for me.

But I have overcome this block by using Audio books.

Love to converse with more and more people.

Love to see results in lives of people around me.

I do not love unnecessary arguments and fights.